Safely Remove Hardware error in Windows 10

The Safely Remove Hardware feature of Windows 10 can be a fast and easy way to quickly and easily eject drives from your computer. When the TS3 Plus is connected, this feature can help to eject drives from the docking station from the computer as well. Although this works flawlessly with most drives, we have […]

Updating Thunderbolt 3 device firmware via macOS 10.15

Latest firmware versions: TS3 Plus: 44.1 Connect 10G: 45.1 Requirement: Intel-Based Thunderbolt 3 Mac (Apple M1-Based Mac is not supported at this moment) macOS 10.15 Thunderbolt 3 product CalDigit Thunderbolt 3 Firmware Updater Computer restart is required before installing the new firmware If you are running 10.15.4 you may experience some issues during the firmware […]

HDCP errors with external monitors

When accessing HDCP content such as Netflix, YouTube or Hulu using Safari on an external display through CalDigit USB-C Dock or Video Adapter, you may encounter errors like the following message:

My Voice Command (Siri or Dictation) is not working properly.

If you find your Siri or Dictation application that requires voice input through your internal microphone is not working whenever you plug in CalDigit Dock that has external microphone such as Thunderbolt Station 3 or USB-C Dock, this is because Siri or Dictation automatically chooses the input microphone to the external one by default.