The USB-C Pro Dock Takes Down My Network!

In a small percentage of macOS and Windows computer usage with the USB-C Pro Dock, we have found a behavior in which an Ethernet broadcast storm can be triggered that can potentially disrupt network activity. This behavior is usually seen when the computer goes to sleep while connected to Ethernet switch through the USB-C Pro […]

Using Docks at Higher Refresh Rates.

The display functions of our docking stations is one of the key features that many users look for. With that being said, different users have different needs when it comes to the refresh rates of their monitors. We’d like to make it clear that our docks are capable of higher refresh rates for those users […]

USB-C SOHO Dock Laptop Charging Capability

The table below shows the possible laptop charging wattage from SOHO Dock when using Apple Type-C chargers. All SOHO Docks can dynamically adjust the pass-through charging capability based on the input Type-C charger and based on the USB devices connected to it. This table also can act as a guideline for other unmentioned 3rd party […]

Safely Remove Hardware error in Windows 10

The Safely Remove Hardware feature of Windows 10 can be a fast and easy way to quickly and easily eject drives from your computer. When the TS3 Plus is connected, this feature can help to eject drives from the docking station from the computer as well. Although this works flawlessly with most drives, we have […]

Updating Thunderbolt 3 device firmware via macOS 10.15

Latest firmware versions: TS3 Plus: 44.1 Connect 10G: 45.1 Requirement: Intel-Based Thunderbolt 3 Mac (Apple M1-Based Mac is not supported at this moment) macOS 10.15 Thunderbolt 3 product CalDigit Thunderbolt 3 Firmware Updater Computer restart is required before installing the new firmware If you are running 10.15.4 you may experience some issues during the firmware […]

HDCP errors with external monitors

When accessing HDCP content such as Netflix, YouTube or Hulu using Safari on an external display through CalDigit USB-C Dock or Video Adapter, you may encounter errors like the following message: