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Established in 2006, CalDigit started out designing premium external storage solutions for creative professionals. As the industry shifted to the newly introduced Thunderbolt connector in 2011, CalDigit realized the importance that Thunderbolt would bring to workflows worldwide, and we began work on what would become our first docking station – the Thunderbolt Station.

Released in 2013, the Thunderbolt Station paved the way for the docking station market, and cemented itself as a premium line in the world of Thunderbolt. 10 years after its release, the Thunderbolt Station is going from strength to strength, continuing to push the limits of what is possible.


CalDigit has been a Thunderbolt Developer since the very beginning and this expertise has given our engineering team an unprecedented level of knowledge in the world of Thunderbolt. While others are new to the game, CalDigit has been around since the original version of Thunderbolt, and our continued commitment to Thunderbolt has resulted in powerful relationships with key decision makers in the industry.


Having released a total of 13 docks over 10 years, both Thunderbolt and USB-C, you could say that we know a thing or two about how to design a dock. This decade long knowledge brings piece-of-mind to our customers who know that they are purchasing a dock from a company with a huge track record of making top tier docking stations.
The CalDigit Mini Dock, TS4, TS3 Plus, Element Hub, and Thunderbolt 4 cables on a desk


Having started as a company that focused on professional users, who demand top tier customer support, we have always known that we need to go the extra mile for our customers. CalDigit has among the best customer support in the industry. In fact we are still one of the only companies where you can pick up the phone and speak to a real human being! 


We believe that products should not just be functional but also beautiful. CalDigit’s product design starts with this philosophy. Our products are not only designed to the highest of standards, we also want them to look great on any desk.


With global headquarters located in the United States, CalDigit has 6 more offices located in the UK, the Netherlands, Taiwan, China, South Korea, and Japan. This strategic reach allows us to be able to supply products globally. Our product range has global appeal, and our supply chain is able to cater to our global customer base.


Starting with FireWire 400 and 800 RAID devices, CalDigit has been serving millions of Mac users in the creative market since 2006.

In mid 2006, CalDigit shipped its first eSATA RAID, the S2VR Duo, a SATA II 3Gb/s RAID system designed for handling 3 streams of 10-bit Standard Definition (SD) video simultaneously. It was the fastest dual drive external SATA 3Gb/s RAID subsystem in the world. Later on, CalDigit started shipping the S2VR HD, the first 5-bay eSATA hardware RAID that could reach 230MB/s. It supported 10-bit uncompressed High Definition (HD) video without waiting for rendering, and without using expensive SCSI or Fibre Channel solutions.

At the 2007 NAB trade show, CalDigit released the first high-performance PCIe 8-bay RAID tower, the HDPro. This product featured unique Active Sustained Transfer Technology (ASTT) for the best transfer size and timing between the RAID controller cache and the host machine. As a result, the HDPro could eliminate performance drops, and optimize for a sustained data rate. With this new PCIe RAID on the market, video editors would not encounter any frame dropping issues when editing multiple streams of ProRes 422(HQ). Later on, CalDigit announced another PCIe RAID, the HDPro-24, a 24-bay RAID, and PCIe SAN storage device (Storage Area Network) which would support up to 1600MB/s across the entire PCIe network.

CalDigit was also the first company to support a USB 3.0 interface driver and storage device for Mac in 2008.

CalDigit is proud to be one of the few vertically integrated companies where we research, develop, design, and manufacture our products under one roof. Built from our extensive knowledge of high-speed PCIe architecture, combined with our extensive knowledge of video protocols, CalDigit has boasted a solid foundation to be one of the first Thunderbolt Developers since 2011.

While other manufacturers prefer to reduce costs by supplying docking stations with low-wattage power supplies, CalDigit includes full wattage power supplies with our docking stations. All of CalDigit’s power supplies are capable of providing more than enough reserve power for each port, and enough power to fully charge the host device. Other docks on market with an under-powered power supply can only transfer power from host charging devices to supply other power-hungry devices. Even though these manufacturers claim 96W host charging, when their dock is under full loading conditions, host charging could be reduced from 96W to only 46W. This can result in a dangerous slow draining situation. Be wary of marketing terms such as “dynamic charging” or “smart charging,” those are signs that these products only include a weak power supply.

To maximize flexibility, CalDigit revolutionized the TS2 to include a dual orientation design, allowing for vertical or horizontal placement in a compact form-factor. Users now have the freedom to place their docking station in any orientation that they would like. This unique design concept became a staple of the CalDigit Thunderbolt Station family of docks.

The majority of the Thunderbolt Docks on the market are manufactured by ODM factories to include a front facing Thunderbolt host port. Since the host port is always connected to the docking station, all of CalDigit’s docks sport a rear or side host port for a true clean desktop set-up that’s highly desirable.


While we think that our products are some of the best around, that belief is also shared by some of the biggest Tech sites on the planet!

Our products are highly regarded, and are often found at the top of “Best Of” lists!

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"10 years experience designing docks gives us an expertise that cannot be matched."