Firmware Update Procedures for CalDigit Thunderbolt Devices in macOS 11.2 or above

Latest firmware versions: TS3 Plus: 44.1 Element Hub: 30.3 USB-C Pro Dock: 61.1 Connect 10G: 45.1 Requirements: Intel-Based Thunderbolt 3 Mac or Apple M1-Based Mac. macOS 11.2 or later CalDigit Thunderbolt devices such as TS3 Plus, USB-C Pro Dock, Connect-10G or Element Hub CalDigit Thunderbolt Firmware Updater Notes: If your computer is running macOS 10.15, […]

Installing a macOS driver on Apple Silicon Mac Computers

The following steps will walk through you on how to install a CalDigit driver, such as Thunderbolt Station Charging Driver, on your M1-based macOS computer. Summery: To install KEXT (Kernel Extension) driver on Apple Silicon-based Macs, your computer requires the following one-time setup: Enable Third-Party KEXTs from Recovery mode. Install Rosetta software during driver installation. […]

CalDigit Thunderbolt 4 / USB 4 Element Hub Compatibility and Limitations on Windows

Windows OS and Driver Requirement: 1. Please always update to the latest Windows version. The minimum Windows 10 support version is 20H2 (OS Build 19042), 64-bit. 2. Your computer must have the latest firmware and drivers installed. This includes BIOS, Thunderbolt Firmware , Power Delivery Firmware and Graphics drivers. Please check with your computer manufacturer’s […]

Element Hub’s Controllers and Data Paths.

In order to promote a transparent view of our new Element hub and answer any questions regarding this, we’d like to talk more about this hub’s controllers and data paths at a higher level. This hub is able to connect to many different host computers and requires different controllers to do so. In total, this […]

My Intel-based Mac Crashes when Un-docking or Re-docking.

We have noticed a low rate of Intel-based macOS computers experiencing kernel panics when connected to Thunderbolt 3 devices including a majority of our docking stations. Based on user reports, this seems to range from macOS Catalina going forward on several different computer models. We are currently investigating this issue to help remove this issue […]

SOHO Dock Refresh Rates at 4K Resolutions on macOS Computers.

In order to prevent confusion over the different refresh rates of macOS computers that the SOHO dock is capable of, we have compiled a list of current macOS computers and their refresh rate capabilities using a 4K resolution. Please note that any macOS computer which isn’t noted here only supports 30Hz refresh rates on 4K […]

Using microSD Cards on the SOHO Dock.

In order to prevent confusion on inserting microSD cards into the SOHO Dock’s microSD card reader, please take a look at the following pictures for the correct orientation. Please note that a failure to insert this card in the noted direction can cause damage to the microSD card slot or the card itself.

The USB-C Pro Dock Takes Down My Network!

In a small percentage of macOS and Windows computer usage with the USB-C Pro Dock, we have found a behavior in which an Ethernet broadcast storm can be triggered that can potentially disrupt network activity. This behavior is usually seen when the computer goes to sleep while connected to Ethernet switch through the USB-C Pro […]

Using Docks at Higher Refresh Rates.

The display functions of our docking stations is one of the key features that many users look for. With that being said, different users have different needs when it comes to the refresh rates of their monitors. We’d like to make it clear that our docks are capable of higher refresh rates for those users […]

USB-C SOHO Dock Laptop Charging Capability

The table below shows the possible laptop charging wattage from SOHO Dock when using Apple Type-C chargers. All SOHO Docks can dynamically adjust the pass-through charging capability based on the input Type-C charger and based on the USB devices connected to it. This table also can act as a guideline for other unmentioned 3rd party […]