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Yes, but not directly. Thunderbolt 3 bus-powered device such as Connect 10G is NOT compatible with Apple Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter. As the Connect 10G is bus-powered and Thunderbolt 2 cannot provide this power, we suggest connecting this to an intermediary dual-port Thunderbolt 3 device such as CalDigit TS3 Plus to provide sufficient power and connect the TS3 Plus to your Thunderbolt 2 & 1 computer using an Apple Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter.

You can add this by navigating to System Preferences, selecting network, and pressing the '+' button on the bottom left side of this window. From here, simply click on the Interface options and select 'Thunderbolt Ethernet Slot X' (with X being a number from 1-4) before clicking 'Create'. Once this is created, please be sure to apply these changes and wait up to a minute for this to receive a connection from your Connect 10G.

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1x Thunderbolt 3 (Type-C) Port
1x RJ45 10Gbps Ethernet Port


100 meters over Cat 6a at 10 Gbps
100 meters over Cat 5e at 5 Gbps/2.5 Gbps/1 Gbps/
100 Mbps (requires no change to existing cabling)


IEEE 802.3an/bz standard
Audio Video Bridging (AVB)
Wake-on-LAN (WoL)
Jumbo frames
     Windows: up to 16 Kbytes.
     macOS: up to 9000 bytes

System Requirements​*

Windows 10 or higher**
macOS High Sierra (version 10.13.6 or higher)
Thunderbolt 3 Computer

LED Indicators

Dual color Speed LED
Single color Link/Act LED

Power Supply

Bus-powered Operation – No Power Adapter Required

Dimensions and Weight

Length: 3.83 inches (97.4 mm)
Width: 2.79 inches (71 mm) 
Height: 1.69 inches (43 mm) 
Weight: 0.77 lbs (350g)


32°F ~ 104°F (0°C ~ 40°C)


Windows Driver

The serial number for this product is located on the bottom edge across the certification logos.

Connect 10G Data Sheets:


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