Can Element Hub be bus powered?

No. Although Element is a compact device, it can not be bus powered. You need to plug in its power supply before Element Hub can operate.

Is Stage Manager on iPad compatible with CalDigit Docks?

YES. The current shipping docks from CalDigit, such as, TS4, TS3 Plus, Element Hub, SOHO dock are compatible with “Stage Manager” on iPad. Please note that ONLY Apple Silicon iPads can support Stage Manager. Also you MUST connect both keyboard and mouse to the dock, or use Apple’s Magic Keyboard with Trackpad, before extended display can […]

TS4 Interface Bandwidth Allocation and Diagram

Below you will find the TS4’s USB, PCIe, and Thunderbolt interface bandwidth allocation diagram. This will help you balance your resources and maximize your device’s performance. Group 1: Share the same USB 10Gbps Hub. These ports include both the front-facing USB-C ports and all of the ports from the Group A and Group B Hubs.Group […]

Ethernet port on the TS4 or TS3 Plus does not work properly

If the Ethernet port on the TS4 or TS3 Plus can not obtain IP address from DHCP server or does not have any network traffic even it is connected to your router / switch properly, this might be related to your previous network setting in macOS or “Energy Efficient Ethernet” compatibility. Please try the followings […]

My TS4 Dock isn’t Working with my Mac under Catalina (macOS 10.15.x)

If your TS4 dock isn’t working when connecting to your Mac and the power source, and you can only see your Mac gets charged by TS4 and outputs to external monitors but no other USB features nor 2.5Gb Ethernet feature, please confirm that the computer is running macOS 11.4 (Big Sur) or later. macOS 10.15.x […]

Video from USB capture device freezes when using with Thunderbolt 4 dock / hub

There are numbers of USB video capture devices that take the HDMI signal from your DSLR camera and converts it to a streaming USB video signal. For example, Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle, ATEM Mini, IOGear HDMI to USB Type-C Video Capture Adapter, Elgato Cam Link 4K…etc. If you encounter frozen video when using USB capture devices […]

TS4’s Audio Resolutions

TS4 supports the following audio sample rates Playback sample rate2CH, 16 and 24-bits, 8/11/16/22.05/32/44.1/48/88.2/96K Hz Recording sample rate2CH, 16-bits, 8/11/16/22.05/32/44.1/48K Hz

Uninstall the SuperDrive Driver from macOS

To uninstall the macOS drivers that are to support Apple SuperDrive and Apple Keyboard from CalDigit Docks including TS4, TS3 Plus, TS3, TS3 Lite, TS2, TS1, USB-C Dock, USB-C Pro Dock, USB-C HDMI Dock, and SOHO Dock, please follow the steps below: Download the latest Uninstaller here. (Current version 1.1) Unzip the download file. Launch […]