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MacOS Users

The Tuff is pre-formatted for MacOS and ready to use.


Windows Users

You will need to re-format the Tuff for Windows.

Follow the steps below to re-format your Tuff.



Re-formatting the Tuff will erase all data on the hard drive.

Back-up your files before re-formatting.

Only proceed if you have backed-up.

1. Connect the Tuff to your Windows computer with the appropriate cable.

2. Open Disk Management (Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management - Disk Management).

3. Find the Tuff that you want to format in the list of drives.

Right click on the “Disk Number” and select “Properties”.

You will see the "CalDigit Tuff Device”.

4. In Disk Management, right click on the partition that was previously formatted for Mac and select “Delete Volume…”.

5. On the pop-up window click “YES” to delete the Mac partition.

6. When the disk comes online, right click on the “Unallocated” area and select “New Simple Volume”.

7. The “New Simple Volume Wizard” pop-up window will appear.

Follow the simple on-screen instructions to finish formatting your Tuff.

8. The Tuff will mount on your Windows computer.

Windows may automatically shut down the power to USB devices where it has no activities for a few minutes. This would cause all the USB storage devices connecting to the CalDigit Dock powered down themselves. Although it can save power, It may take a longer time for the drive to spin up if you need to access it afterward.

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USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps)
Type-C Port

Drive Type
Toshiba PCIe NVMe PCIe SSD


IP67 Certified

Read Speed

Up to 1055MB/s*

Write Speed

Up to 900MB/s*

Size and Weight

Length: 2.99in (7.59cm)
Width: 2.14in (5.44cm)
Height: 0.57in (1.45cm)
Weight: 0.163lbs (0.074kg)

In The Box

1 x Tuff nano
1 x USB-C - USB-C Cable (0.25M)
1 x USB-C - USB-A Cable (0.25M)
1 x Carrying Case


2 Years

macOS Icons:

Icons Package

Tuff Nano Manuals:


Tuff Nano Quick Start Guide:

Multilingual Guide

*English  |  Français  |  Deutsch  |  Italiano  |  Español  |  Português  |  日本語  |  繁體中文   |  简体中文  |  한국어  |  คนไทย 

The serial number for this product is located under the jacket by the port.

Tuff nano Data Sheets:


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