An Update CalDigit TS4 & TS3 Plus availability on Amazon UK & EU

CalDigit’s product range is temporarily unavailable on Amazon in the UK and Europe. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our loyal customers. This is only temporary, and our products will be back on Amazon in Europe very soon. The good news is that our popular docks are available from Apple in the […]

iPhone 15 (USB-C) & CalDigit Docks

On September 7th 2023 Apple introduced the iPhone 15 with USB-C, and CalDigit customers have been asking us if our docks are compatible. The answer to that question is that all CalDigit Thunderbolt 4 and USB-C docks are compatible with the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The […]

CalDigit Docks & Thunderbolt™ 5

Image of the TS4 on a desk and the CalDigit Thunderbolt logo.

Today, Intel has officially announced the 5th generation of Thunderbolt™, and we at CalDigit could not be more excited! Thunderbolt 5 now doubles the performance of Thunderbolt 4’s 40Gb/s by providing 80Gb/s for both transmitting and receiving data. In order to provide the best display experience, Thunderbolt 5 can dynamically allocate bandwidth by transmitting 120Gb/s […]

CalDigit 2023 Website Giveaways

We will be announcing all the winners of CalDigit’s 2023 Website Giveaways on this page. Please check below for the winner’s names. Giveaway 3: 4th September 2023 – 4th December 2023 – Prize: Win 1 of 2 Thunderbolt Station 4 Winner 1 Adam Bethke Winner 2 Michael Lindgren Giveaway 2: 9th May 2023 – 14th […]

An Update on TS3 Plus Availability

A TS3 Plus dock on a desk next to an iMac.

This post was last updated on October 13, 2022. Due to the on-going component shortages that have impacted global supply chains there has been limited availability of the TS3 Plus. We are now starting to gradually see more stock become available. Please check the table below for up to date information regarding TS3 Plus availability. […]

Thunderbolt Station 4 Giveaway Winners

The winners of the Thunderbolt Station 4 Giveaway have been contacted, and we will add their names below once they have replied. Winner 1 Stephen F. Levinson Winner 2 Jon Shuler Winner 3 Eric Daugherty The winners will be contacted via email and they must respond within 5 days. If after 5 days the winner […]

How to Set Up the TS4

If you require assistance setting up your CalDigit Thunderbolt Station 4 (TS4) the video below will help you get started. If you need further assistance, check out our Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions video about the TS4. Need help connecting dual monitors to the TS4? This video covers the best set-up options for dual monitors. […]

CalDigit Email Server + Mail Technical Issues

UPDATE: As of March 18th the CalDigit email servers are working as normal. If for some reason you have not heard back from CalDigit please re-send the email. Since late February 2022, CalDigit’s email server is having issues communicating with some domains, including Gmail, and some other domains. As a result many emails sent from […]

An Update on TS4 Availability

This article was last updated February 1st, 2023. Due to the overwhelming excitement and demand for the TS4 we have sold out of multiple waves of stock. We want to thank everyone for their support and we promise to have more stock available soon for everyone that would like to purchase one. The chart below […]

Introducing the TS4

We are delighted to introduced the brand new CalDigit Thunderbolt Station 4, or TS4, offering a staggering 18 ports of connectivity in order to expand even the most demanding of workflows. This powerful new dock is available from today in the US, UK, EU, and available in the Rest of the World in Mid-March 2022. […]