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CalDigit’s Tuff drive is a revolutionary portable storage device, featuring USB 3.1, that brings the power and versatility of the brand new USB Type-C interface along with a tough durable design for use in extreme environments.

CalDigit Tuff

"Not only is the CalDigit Tuff a rugged hard drive designed to survive extreme conditions, it's also a terrific value."
"...the CalDigit Ruff leapfrogs as our new top pick for rugged hard drives."
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by Karl Conrad

CalDigit Tuff 2TB Review
by Adam Armstrong

...Users that go on location, and need a drive that gives them enough performance, capacity, and the ability to take a few hits, need to look no farther than the CalDigit Tuff 2TB. Read More…

CalDigit Tuff 2TB USB 3.1 Type-C External HDD Review
by yler Bernath I briefly mentioned above, is the best I have seen for a 2.5-inch external HDD in the four years I have been writing for TweakTown...Overall, the Tuff is the perfect drive for holding backups or even media you want to take with you on your travels. Read More…

CalDigit’s ‘Tuff’ USB-C portable hard drive is a good choice for on-the-go MacBook owners
by Jeff Benjamin

......I’ve tried several different USB-C enabled hard drives with my MacBook, such as G-Technology’s G Drive, but the CalDigit Tuff is my favorite MacBook external drive thus far. It features a rugged design that can stand up to dust and spills, comes with a silicon protector in a variety of colors, is bus-powered, and SSD models will feature even faster transfer speeds on future hardware. There’s also that handy archive case that the unit ships in, which is great for stowing the Tuff drive along with its included cables..... Read More…