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CalDigit’s Tuff drive is a revolutionary portable storage device, featuring USB 3.1, that brings the power and versatility of the brand new USB Type-C interface along with a tough durable design for use in extreme environments.

1. I don’t yet have a USB 3.1 computer. I am using USB 3.0. Can I still use the Tuff?

Yes. The Tuff is completely backwards compatible with USB 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0.

2. The Tuff features the USB Type-C connector. Can I still use it on a computer with a regular Type-A connector?

Yes. The Tuff includes a Type-C to A cable in the box that allows users to connect to a standard Type-A connection.

3. Does the Tuff require any extra power?

No. The Tuff is bus-powered and does not require an AC Power adapter.

4. Does the Tuff use the USB 3.1 Gen 1 or Gen 2 spec?

The Tuff uses the USB 3.1 Gen 2 spec for up to 10GB/s throughput.

5. What is the maximum storage capacity of the Tuff?

With standard 2.5” HDDs the maximum capacity is 2TB, and with SSDs the maximum capacity is 1TB.

6. Does the Tuff work on both Mac and PC?

Yes. The Tuff is compatible on both operating systems.

7. I see CalDigit sell the Tuff in different colors. How can I purchase one in a different color?

The alternate color versions of the Tuff are available direct from CalDigit through our Online Store.

8. I have a MacBook with USB Type-C and a Tuff SSD. What is the maximum performance possible?

The MacBook with USB Type-C uses the Gen 1 spec that is 5Gb/s. The Tuff uses the Type-C Gen 2 spec which is 10Gb/s. Therefore, you will be able to achieve up to 440MB/s on the MacBook. However, the Tuff with an SSD installed is capable of 550MB/s when used on a computer with Gen 2.






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