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CalDigit Thunderbolt Station Docking Device Review
by Tyler Bernath

...Build quality of the unit is superb, as is expected from a brand like CalDigit…...… Read More…

CalDigit Thunderbolt Dock Review
by Lon Seidman

...This device compares favorably to the Belkin Thunderbolt Dock which is now a less expensive option. The one thing this adds that the Belkin doesn't have is an HDMI port that can keep its extra thunderbolt port free when using an external display at 1920x1080 or less...…

CalDigit Thunderbolt Station review - stylish Thunderbolt hub
by Dominik Tomaszewski

...The CalDigit Thunderbolt station is a very useful addition for anyone with a Thunderbolt Mac that needs up to three USB 3.0 ports, or a quick way to connect all their peripherals quickly. Improved audio quality and consistent HDMI operation would make this product really stand out from the crowd...… Read More…

CalDigit Thunderbolt Station expands your MacBook options
by Steven Sande

...I honestly can't think of any reason not to purchase the CalDigit Thunderbolt Station..… Read More…

The CalDigit Thunderbolt Station
by Jim Tanous

...the CalDigit Thunderbolt Station is the most stable Thunderbolt dock we’ve tested, and that’s an important victory in and of itself. During our multi-week testing period, we connected a variety of displays, external hard drives, thumb drives, and adapters to the CalDigit dock, and everything worked as expected..… Read More…

Review: CalDigit Thunderbolt Station
by Justin King

…, Overall, we found the CalDigit Thunderbolt Station to be a great dock that is particularly useful for the MacBook Air. It neatly organizes cables when the notebook is used on a desktop and connected to one or more displays..… Read More…

CalDigit Thunderbolt Station review
by Peter Cohen

…, CalDigit's Thunderbolt Station is one of a new class of peripherals designed for Thunderbolt-equipped Macs. It uses the prodigious bandwidth of the Thunderbolt connection on new Macs to connect a variety of peripherals over USB, Thunderbolt, Ethernet and more..… Read More…

CALDIGIT Thunderbolt Station docking review
by fortysomethinggeek

…, It has three SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports, audio I/O, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI and dual Thunderbolt. The second Thunderbolt port can be used for daisy chaining. This could be the first device on your chain and you can chain drives and accessories afterwords.… Read More…

CalDigit Thunderbolt Station : le meilleur dock Thunderbolt
by Matthieu Lamelot

…, Au final, le CalDigit Thunderbolt Station s'est révélé être un bon produit.… Read More…

CalDigit Thunderbolt Station: The Closest Thing to a Real Dock for Your Mac
by Joseph Kelley

…, If you're in the market for a docking solution or just want to expand the ever-shrinking number of ports on your Mac laptop, CalDigit's Thunderbolt Station is something I highly recommend. Being the price leader just adds an exclamation point.… Read More…

CalDigit Thunderbolt Station Unboxing
by HomeTracks

Le fabricant CalDigit propose une station d'accueil Thunderbolt performante et abordable. Le pari est-il réussi ?

…, Le fabricant CalDigit propose une station d'accueil complète pour un prix serré puisqu'elle est commercialisée aux alentours de 180 euros, ce qui en fait tout simplement le modèle le plus abordable du marché. Cerise sur le gâteau, elle offre trois ports USB 3.0 performants et deux ports Thunderbolt permettant le chainage des périphériques..… Read More…

Test du dock Thunderbolt Station de CalDigit
by AntoineGuilber

...J’utilise beaucoup mon MacBook Pro en itinérance, dès mon retour à la maison. Je m’amuse donc à retrancher plusieurs câbles : écran, alimentation, câble USB, enceintes… Avec un dock comme celui-ci, bonjour la simplification. Un seul et unique câble et tout se connecte ! Vraiment cool non ?..… Read More…

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