Simple Versatility

The Thunderbolt™ Station offers a myriad of connectivity options, many of which are missing in modern portable computers. A single Thunderbolt cable is all it takes for desktop-like connectivity without the complexities of using multiple adapters and hubs.

Convenient Daisy Chaining

The Thunderbolt™ Station is offered with dual Thunderbolt ports, an essential feature for a user-friendly, convenient, Thunderbolt workflow. Unlike single port Thunderbolt solutions, the Thunderbolt™ Station can be integrated in the beginning, middle, or end of the daisy chain.

SuperSpeed USB 3.0

The Thunderbolt™ Station has three SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports that allow you to connect all your USB 3.0 peripherals such as high speed storage and card readers. The Thunderbolt ™ Station supports UASP (USB attached SCSI Protocol), which greatly improves its performance when used with UASP compatible devices. Wake on USB, which enables your computer to wake from standby when detecting activity from connected USB devices, is also supported. Backwards compatibility ensures that all of your older USB 2.0/1.0 peripherals such as printers and mice will work flawlessly.

Bus Power

Unlike some other products in the market, the Thunderbolt™ Station's USB 3.0 ports fully support bus powered devices. Use devices such as external storage without worrying about performance issues due to insufficient power.

iOS Devices Charging Capability*

The Thunderbolt™ Station was designed to optimize the power throughput to all of its USB 3.0 ports in order to allow for rapid charging support. The USB 3.0 ports on the Thunderbolt™ Station provide more than enough power to fully charge iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones.

Apple Super Drive

Unlike other Thunderbolt™ expansion docks currently on the market, the CalDigit Thunderbolt™ Station fully powers the Apple Super Drive. The Apple Super Drive allows users to read and write CDs, and playback DVDs through the Thunderbolt™ Station.

Multi-Display Support

The HDMI port on the Thunderbolt™ Station allows you to use a wide variety of HDMI displays. You can also daisy chain an additional Thunderbolt display for a dual monitor setup.                  

Gigabit Ethernet

The Thunderbolt™ Station offers a Gigabit Ethernet port that is perfect for laptops without built in ethernet ports. Whether you need the additional performance of a wired network connection or wireless access is unavailable, the Thunderbolt™ Station helps you stay connected. The Ethernet port also supports wake-on-LAN which allows your computer to wake from standby remotely via the network.

Audio in & out

The Thunderbolt™ Station's Audio In function allows you to connect professional microphones for recording voice overs, conference calls, and podcasts. When used in combination with the Thunderbolt™ Station's Audio out function you can vastly improve your audio quality by connecting stereo speakers for great audio monitoring.

*on Mac computers running OS X 10.9.2 and above with CalDigit driver installed.
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