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What can a Docking Station do for me?

Since we brought out our very first docking station we have been expanding people’s workflows and empowering them to connect all their devices with a single cable.

What problem does a Docking Station solve?

Adding a dock to your laptop allows you to connect extra ports in order to add USB devices, speakers, and microphones. In addition users can connect external monitors to their laptop. Using a dock means single cable simplicity. Integrate all your devices with one high performance cable!

How do I connect a Docking Station to my laptop?

Connecting a dock to your laptop is very easy. Many laptops feature a Thunderbolt™ or USB-C port. These ports are high performance interfaces that allow you to connect a dock and expand your connectivity.

All you need to do is connect a Thunderbolt™ cable or USB-C cable from your laptop to the dock and you instantly have extra ports!

How do I know what Docking Station
is right for my laptop?

CalDigit’s docks are compatible with many modern laptops.
See the chart below to see which dock is right for you.
USB-C Dock TS2 TS3 Lite TS3
Mac with
Thunderbolt™ 1 or 2
- Yes - -
Mac with
Thunderbolt™ 3
Yes - Yes Yes
Mac with USB-C Yes - - -
PC with
Thunderbolt™ 3
Yes - Yes Yes

How do I know which port my laptop has?

The dock that is right for you is dependent on which port you have on your laptop. See the image below to see the port that you have.
My laptop does not have a way to connect an external display.
Will a docking station allow me to connect
an extra display to my laptop?

Yes, CalDigit’s docks feature video connectors that allow you to connect an extra display to you laptop. Some of CalDigit’s docks feature the DisplayPort connector which allows you to connect to any display you need with use of a DisplayPort to HDMI/DVI/VGA/mDP cable.

My laptop does not have an Ethernet port. Can a Docking Station improve my internet connection?

Yes, by adding a dock to you laptop you can connect to a more consistent internet connection. This is a great option if you have an inconsistent WiFi connection.
Will a Docking Station charge my laptop?

Yes, if you have a USB-C laptop or a Thunderbolt™ 3 laptop the dock will charge the connected laptop which means that you do not need to connect you laptop’s charger anymore. Please check the specific dock’s technical specs to confirm charging compatibility.
Can I connect external speakers to my laptop?

Yes, the audio out port on CalDigit’s docks allow you to add speakers to your laptop instead of using the laptop’s built-in speakers.






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