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Ulrik Bang
Location: Nuuk, Greenland
Photographer: Ulrik Bang
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Testimonials - Ulrik Bang

Ulrik Bang
In photographer Ulrik Bang's world, CalDigit is synonymous with Reliable. A long time user of the CalDigit brand, Ulrik has owned and used several different products from the S2VR to the CalDigit VR Mini to the HDOne. Here are some of his thoughts on what makes CalDigit stand out and above the competition.

CalDigit is Reliable

Some years ago a friend recommend that I buy a CalDigit S2VR 5 drive system as a replacement for the disks I was using at the time. A year later, I owned three sets of S2VR. Not much later, the S2VR duo joined the house to help produce and back up on the road. The S2VR FireWire also arrived with lots of spare disks..[which is important] because I have a tape-less environment when I produce.

I'm really pleased about the CalDigit system. I have had some problems with the older systems, but have always received professional and qualified help from CalDigit when there have been problems with the disks. No system is 100% free of errors is my experience, but that's why I always use BACKUP systems.

But the CalDigit system and tech support is the best I have experienced yet. There are only thumbs up from my side. At this time I mostly use the HDOne as a editing suite unit, three VR units as storage when taping on location, and when I have small projects, the fabulous VR mini--a simply super unit for traveling and in the office use. I also use the VR Mini in the office when I work with stills and of course my CalDigit Raid controller that's in my MAC.

I'm very pleased about my system at this time, it works 100% exactly as I want it to and preforms great!"

Ulrik Bang is located in Nuuk, Greenland. For more information on Ulrik or his work, check out his website at

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