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Stephen May
Walt Disney, Zumiez, VailResorts, Ironman

Testimonials - Stephen May

Stephen May

A couple of months ago, we were approached by Stephen May, a freelance editor and videographer who was interested in the CalDigit HDElement. Stephen has worked with numerous firms and his expertise has been used by, Walt Disney Production Services, Ironman, and more.

Check out what Stephen had to say about the HDElement:

"I am on several forums; the Apple Final Cut Pro forum and another two at Creative Cow (Creative Communities of the World), and I freelance for Walt Disney Production Services, (Orlando) as a assistant shooter/editor, and for Evergreen Creative, and for LMG Productions, Inc. I speak constantly with many different creative content artists, for example Jayson Wise of Metrovision Post, who actually recommended your company. I am passionate about my work and I speak highly of any products that I believe in, and I am always impressed when a company that is highly successful in a high-level niche market produces a product that is designed to make their quality available to less affluent market, just like you have done with the HDElement.

I am still blown away with my HDElement, and here at Keystone, we just finished the Zumiez 100k conference. I used my HDElement on the VailResorts Leadership Conference prior to the Zumiez 100k Conference, and it is so stable and ripping fast! On the Zumiez 100k job, I met two freelancers that were shooting the lifestyle shots on a 5D mark II and a 7D, and we ended up talking about gear and I told them about my external miniSAS CalDigit RAID, and they sounded extremely interested.

Zunmiez is very aggressive and we had a three screen setup (two outside 16:9 screens, and a center superwide screen with two Christie 18k projectors with a blend) - I'm the projectionist and the camera switcher, so I thought I'd explain it a bit. In a timelapse of the setup, and I was able to very quickly injest the images - thousands of them, and create a ProRes 422 hi-res Quicktime using my HDElement.

I really appreciate your company and I just wanted to share some of the work your product helps make possible! Happy New Year, and I will continue to tell everyone about my CalDigit RAID!"

-Stephen May For more information about Stephen May or his work, check out Evergreen Creative is located in Colorado.

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