Testimonials - Ryan Martinek

Ryan Martinek

Ryan Martinek is a gifted photographer who resides in the snowy Colorado mountains. They say a photo is worth a thousand words, and Martinek understands this, that's why he only trusts his photography to CalDigit storage solutions. Using the bus powered CalDigit VR mini in RAID 1, Martinek knows his valuable snapshots will will be protected as soon as they are written to CalDigit VR mini.

The CalDigit VR mini is ideal for photographers because of it's small size. But what sets the CalDigit VR mini apart from other drives it's it's a dual drive RAID system. Capable of multiple RAID levels, the CalDigit VR mini's appeal to photographers is RAID 1. Moments come and go, and when just the perfect one is caught on camera, it needs to reside somewhere safe. The CalDigit VR mini can do this without even having to think about it.

Check out these photos Martinek took of his CalDigit VR mini:

In the field or in the studio there is no time for mistakes. You don't have to think about the CalDigit VR mini. Set it in RAID 1 and forget it. Plug it into a laptop and quickly transfer a sessions worth of shots. Rest assured that even if a drive fails, these photos are safely on the second drive.

Camera bags are already packed full of lenses, filters and other accessories. Dealign with power is a pain. The CalDigit VR mini is bus powered over FireWire, so you just plug it it and it turns on. The LDC screen also makes for a great addition. Just sneak a peek at it and you see it says "Status Good".

The CalDigit VR mini makes the perfect companion for any photographer, whether you work in the studio or in the field. The CalDigit VR mini's versatility, compact size and ease of use make it the ideal photographers drive.

For more information about Ryan Martinek, please visit Ryan Martinek Photography or check out some of his work.