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malbon Brothers Farms
malbon Brothers Farms (mBF) is a full service strategic creative branding and marketing agency focusing on the art of nuance marketing? mBF works because they focus on identifying and utilizing societal cues and cultural nuances to establish brand relevance and connects brands to their core customer.

The following is a workflow that Malbon Brothers Farms used featuring the CalDigit VR:

Full-Service Strategic, Creative Marketing and Promotions Agency malbon Brothers Farms filmed interviews and performances with 22 bands for Scion's Rock Fest in Pomona, California. The majority of interviews were shot on Friday with four interview rooms running simultaneously with three cameras in each room. On Saturday one interview room ran for additional interviews while the 22 bands performed at four separate venues. Three cameras were at each venue to capture the performances. A mix of Sony EX1 and EX3 cameras were used with a total count of 15 cameras on hand for the event. All cameras used Hoodman RAW SxSxSDXC Memory Adapters with the interviews recorded to 66 individual 16GB Hoodman Raw SDHC Cards and the performances recorded to 66 individual 32GB Hoodman Raw SDHC Cards. All footage was downloaded on site to 4 separate CalDigit 4TB drives via 4 MacBook Pros using the Hoodman RAW SxSxSDXC Memory Adapters in the ExpressCard/34 slot to read the cards.

Here is what Emile, the production manager at malbon Brother Farms had to say about the CalDigit VR:
"We're coming up on purchasing our 50th VR drive. You don't want to have to think about your storage, you just want it to work and CalDigit drives just work."

-Emile Hanton

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