Testimonials - The Green Room with Paul Provenza


THE GREEN ROOM WITH PAUL PROVENZA offers comedy fans the chance to see the world's greatest comedians in a roundtable setting, speaking off-the-cuff and uncensored in front of a studio audience. No rules, no agenda, no censors… just some of the funniest people around, riffing on and ripping each other apart. The series is back on SHOWTIME® for a second season with a new line-up of comics.

Check out what Carmella Cardina, Supervising Producer for SHGR Productions LLC, The Green Room with Paul Provenza had to say about CalDigit:

Our first season on The Green Room was a matter of trial and error. We shot in a dance club with seven cameras, a live audience, nonstop. Any mistakes we were going to make had to be in the prep. For some reason the decision was made to rent hard drives but in hind sight we realized we'd be better served to own the drives. Which meant we needed to have the best drives we could find. That's when our tech guru pointed us towards CalDigit.

As a producer, a large part of your job is to make sure people have the best tools in order to do their job. In post, I'm usually not in the room so any grumbling tends to come down the pike after the fact. I've not heard a peep about the drives. And these guys are pushing everything to the limit.

The network just picked up a few more episodes so it looks like CalDigit will be getting a call from me.

- Carmella Cardina

For more information about The Green Room, please visit www.sho.com/site/greenroom.