Testimonials - Ryan Van Duzer

Ryan Van Duzer calls himself a super charged, life lovin’, bike ridin’, bean eatin’, goofball with a passion for adventure and saving the world. Ryan is a backpack journalist who has traveled the world by means of bicycle, and shares his experiences online. As a correspondent for the Travel Channel, National Geographic, Discovery and the host of an upcoming travel series called Paradise Hunter, Ryan knows the importance of capturing the perfect shot with a moments notice. Using the bus powered CalDigit VR mini, Ryan was able to pack it on his latest adventure.

This is what Ryan had to say about the CalDigit VR mini:

I took the CalDigit VR mini with me on a recent cycling adventure across the USA and it was fantastic. First of all, I travel light and it's the perfect size to pack on my bike trailer along with my laptop. I produced mini documentaries along the way so my readers could follow along the journey. I fired that sucker up every night and edited videos in my tent. Here's an example of what I was producing:

live.love.bike. from Ryan Van Duzer on Vimeo.

Check out these photos of Ryan's adventures:

For more information about Ryan Van Duzer, please visit Ryan's site Duzer Duz.