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Barter Island, Arctic Ocean ~ Kaktovik, Alaska
PBS "Nature", National Geographic Films, National Geographic Explorer, Discovery Channel, Burke Museum of Natural History

Testimonials - PolarArt

The only RED ONE production company in arctic Alaska, PolarArt Productions is where 4K meets the far north. Headquartered on an island in the Arctic Ocean, Jennifer & Arthur Smith specialize in embedded natural history & documentary productions. Living in one of the most extreme and fabulous locations on Earth, their mission is to replace the stereotype and abstraction of the Arctic with visual reality at 4K and beyond.

Letter From PolarArt:

The Beechcraft 1900 touched down on Barter Island, and we raced to the runway in our "filmbulance" to meet the plane. In the whole pile of freight, we spied one CalDigit box, and away we went, back to the edit suite. The four drives arrived in perfect condition, and just in time!

Spring is hitting the Arctic, with over 15 hours of sunlight daily. We're busily packing our Pelicans for two months with the RED in the Brooks Range/arctic coastal plain. Now is the time to shoot the change of seasons-- rivers breaking up, storms brewing in the mountains, and if we're lucky, lots of wild animals.

The VR Minis seem perfect for the field-- so compact! Hard to imagine there's a entire TB under the hood. We didn't realize that we could bus-power via Firewire 800, while transferring data via eSATA. Very cool. The 2TB VRs will provide ample "field storage" for our RED files until we return to Barter Island to work with the new material. Looking forward to sharing some footage with you, and to reporting on how well the CalDigit drives perform "from field to finish."

As RED has transformed digital cinema, the use of drives in the field has become as necessary as drives in the edit suite. It becomes a real testament to your products that we are now taking to the field, relying upon the same CalDigit name.

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