I always used to love colors and drawing in my childhood and adolescence, so I spent a lot of time with these things. Studying and working as a graphic designer/retoucher has been a natural consequence of my interests and gifts.
I’m inspired by the people surrounding me, nature, my family, art exhibitions, visiting foreign countries and travelling.
My main mission is to deliver delicate high-end compositions for advertising campaigns relating to products, fashion, luxury goods, architecture, cars and beauty. My personal approach is to provide the best possible work, setting high emphasis on a “real” and “natural” looks, or if suitable – “artificial” as well. My main clients are commercial photographers who work for global advertising networks like Serviceplan, Grey, Bbdo, Tbwa, Scholz & friends, Ogilvy.
I mostly use Photoshop CS6, Adobe camera raw and Bridge. Then I use Ligthroom, Illustrator, InDesign and sometimes Capture One.

The first step is to ensure that all raw files are safe and double backed-up. For this purpose, I count on the CalDigit T3, where one disc of the 3 has an archival function for me. The second backup is on an external disc, which I can remove and take to a safe place. After that profound operation, I begin with importing the raw files from the T3 as smart objects into Photoshop CS6, to guarantee the best possible quality and sharpness of the finale image. Then I build up the composite image, with several client steps, finishing with certified cmyk proofing. Meanwhile, the different .psb layer files are placed on the ssd, which is the first disc in my T3, optionally I can also work on my desktop ssd. Depending on the file size of my layer files, I can use the T3´s ssd as scratch disc for Photoshop, because it is fast due to Thunderbolt.

Reliable storage is mandatory and the root of my work. It’s highly significant for me and my clients, who rely on me, too.

In one word, I’d say: “high-grade” or “state-of-the-art”. Looking in more detail, the build of the t3 is exceptionally fine and feels very solid. It’s from pure metal with a very quiet fan, which is absolutely important, as I am highly sensitive to noise emission in my office or in a photographer´s studio.

Overall it looks very nice - the matt silver finish looks appealing, and the visual design is pure, and fits well with my other Apple products. The Thunderbolt connection is an important connection for my work, in regards to speed and data throughput. I like the idea of having 2 Thunderbolt ports on the back of the T3, to expand other Thunderbolt devices like more drives or a third screen, for example.