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Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts is a Toronto native Animator, Designer, Illustrator and Director now living in New York. He has created commercial animation for clients like Honda, Ford and Kellogg’s, as well as film and television animation for ABC/Disney, Soapnet, HBO Documentary Films, Decode Entertainment, The Juggernaut Productions, and directors like Ron Mann and Doug Block. He recently finished production of his animated short film entitled “Rumbleseat.” Before Mike struck out on his own he served as animator and designer at CORE Digital Pictures, creative director and 10plus1 Interactive, and Animation Director at The Juggernaut Productions.

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During the production of Rumbleseat, I was constantly traveling for work and family. I'd often have 4-6 portable hard drives in my bag, and it started to become ridiculous. A friend recommended CalDigit as I really needed something that could offer the speed of internal raids, but with the portability that allowed me to work from my laptop when needed. The film has tens of thousands of pieces of artwork in hundreds of photoshop files, and the final frames are all rendered as 32bit TIFFs so space and speed are absolutely necessary to make it practical to travel and work.

The VR was amazing because it's rock solid, fast and stable and the mini is the best no-compromise ultra portable RAID I've tried. Because my artistic brain is often flummoxed by the technical hurdles of a digital workflow, I was put at ease by the incredible customer support.