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Indigo Post
San Diego, California
LG Electronics, Ford, Sprint, Gatorade, Autodesk, AT&T Wireless, Adidas, Lexus, Union Bank of California, San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau

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Indigo Post
Indigo Post is a San Diego post-production design studio. We take an idea, product or brand and bring it to digital life with our expertise in motion graphics, editorial, design and animation. We are inspired by the endless creative possibilities that transform concepts into ideas in motion. Or simply put, we get excited to make things look good. Our open boutique setting allows clients to connect and collaborate with artists to shape their advertising concepts into innovative designs. We believe great work comes from visual inspiration, happiness, passion and a little bit of good clean fun. Sprinkle in a little sunshine and 70 degree weather and we'd say that's a pretty good reason to live-love-work in San Diego.

To date, Indigo's combined talents have drawn clients such as LG Electronics, Ford, Sprint, Gatorade, Autodesk, AT&T Wireless, Adidas, Lexus, Union Bank of California and the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau. Check out our award winning work at

Letter From Indigo Post

"First off... bravo guys! Originally when we were looking into different avenues of RAID arrays about 4 years ago, trying to decide what we were going to do, scouring the Internet, looking at the competition and reading reviews, we decided on the S2VR HD, which boasted real-time uncompressed 10 bit 1920x1080 editing w/only 5 drives at 230 MB/s. The value seemed too good to be true after looking at the competing rates/speeds but we gave it a shot with great success. To date, we own 3 HDPro's, 1 HDPro2 and a S2VR HD w/various host cards.

We're constantly doing multiple tasks on the same array like, rendering graphics or playing and encoding video and the HDPro's have lived up to the task. For instance, we recently worked on the Ford Taurus campaign cutting together HD spots, teasers, pre-rolls, banners and encoding over a thousand videos all within a 2 week time period. The necessary bandwidth we needed to accommodate such a huge job was more than met with the 4 HDPro's that we have. If we were still using the old arrays that we had, I can't say that we would have met our deadline. And the fact that we had many artists working off the same HDPro, sifting through the footage and trying to find the right shot with zero dropped frames, definitely says something.

Within the last 2 years we've purchased 2 HDPro's, one for our Avid Adrenaline Media Composer suite and the other for our main graphics station. Our Art Director, Alide Meredith, couldn't stop talking about how fast the projects opened, how the ram-previews were so much quicker because of the drives ability to access footage so quickly and of course the improved render times. Now we aren't waiting on the drives... it's the CPU that we were waiting on. The Avid Media Composer bay was all of a sudden able to play 8 real-time streams of the 10 Bit Avid DnxHD codec with color correction and effects. Bananas, to say the least!

Then cometh the Hdpro2. We bought the new controller at the beginning of 2010. I was a little skeptical that we could achieve anything better that the 400 MB/s we were getting at the time with the original controller, but voila! Add in the new controller and we instantly gained an additional 250 MB/s with the same 8 drives in the array. We're looking at replacing the other 3 controllers with the new HDPro2 by 2011, then of course the Supershare Switch so all 4 RAID arrays are local to everybody.

One last thing, I have to mention the tech support! Never have I experienced the kind of support that you guys have offered us over the last several years. We had a problem when we upgraded our OS (on a MAC) when the RAID Array was offline after the update. We couldn't quite get to the bottom of it so I called tech support and spoke with Leslie. After a lengthy discussion of troubleshooting and our deadline looming, he came out to our studio which is in San Diego (a long drive from LA) the same day. Within a couple hours he arrived to help get the drive up and our media online, knowing that our clients were coming in the next morning. All was taken care of fairly quickly. Between Leslie's tech support and Jared on the answering questions...I feel completely at ease that if anything was to go awry, or if there was even the most trivial of question, it would be handled in a timely fashion.

You guys rock and thank you for putting out such a delicious product!

Eric Bucchare
Digital Director/Head of Production- Indigo Post

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