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Dick Dale
Dick Dale & Jimmy Dale
Location: Newport Beach, CA

Testimonials - Dick Dale (Professional Musician)

Dick Dale is the pioneer of surf rock and one of the most influential guitarists of the early 1960's and has stood the test of time with popularity still reigning through to today.

Dick Dale invented surf music, and that would be enough to guarantee his place in the history of music, but he also coined an influential guitar style, a style that wed the frantic pace of folk-rock, the sound effects of psychedelia and the fury of punk-rock years before any of these had been invented.

When the Middle Eastern sounding Miserlou, his 1962 hit, was used as the soundtrack for "Pulp Fiction", Dale was rediscovered and began to record again. Tribal Thunder (Hightone, 1993) contains a spectacular number, Nitro. A punk spirit propels the ferocious performances in Unknown Territory (Hightone, 1995), from Ghostriders In The Sky to California Sun. Calling Up Spirits (Beggars Banquet, 1996) includes a couple of old songs, Mr Peppermint Man and The Wedge.

Les Paul said to a dd fan, when asked who his favorite guitar player was? the fan said dick dale.. then Les said, yes, i played with dick dale and he is a great player and a great person, but i played with his son jimmy dale and he is some one to look out for, a real player. ~ Dick Dale

Dick Dale just got the "Guitar Legend" award from "Guitar Player Magazine" presented to me at the NAMM show concert.

It was only the 3rd "Guitar Legend" Award given by "Guitar Player Magazine" in 50 years.....

Dick Dale was also just informed that he was just placed on the "Gruta77" Magazine cover and voted the Best Rock Concert out of 400 bands and artists in Madrid Spain for the year 2006....


* Surfers' Choice (Deltone 1962)
* King of the Surf Guitar (Capitol 1963)
* Checkered Flag (Capitol 1963)
* Mr. Eliminator (Capitol 1964)
* Summer Surf (Capitol 1964)
* Rock out with Dick Dale and his Del-Tones: Live at Ciro's (Capitol 1965)
* The Tigers Loose (Balboa 1983)
* Tribal Thunder (HighTone 1993)
* Unknown Territory (1994)
* Calling Up Spirits (Beggars Banquet 1996)
* Spacial Disorientation (Dick Dale Records / The Orchard 2001)
* Guitar Legend Dick Dale Live at the Hard Rock Cafe, Dallas, Texas (Dick Dale Records, 2006)


* Let's Go Trippin'/Del-Tone Rock (Deltone 1961)
* Jungle Fever/Shake-N-Stomp (Deltone 1961)
* Misirlou/Eight 'Til Midnight (Deltone 1962)
* Secret Surfin Spot/Surfin' and Swingin' (Capitol 1963)
* Let's Go Trippin' '65/Watusi Jo (Capitol 1965)
* "Pipeline" With Stevie Ray Vaughan, Nominated for a Grammy


* Hot Rod Music on Capitol (Capitol 1963)
* The Big Surfin' Sounds on Capitol (Capitol 1964)
* Golden Summer (United Artists 1976)
* King of the Surf Guitar: The Best of Dick Dale & The Del-Tones (Rhino 1986)
* Pulp Fiction Soundtrack (MCA 1994)
* Cowabunga Surf Box Set (Rhino 1996)
* Rocket Jockey (Rocket Science Games/SegaSoft 1996)
* Better Shred Than Dead: The Dick Dale Anthology (Rhino 1997)
* MOM II Music for our Mother Ocean: (Surf Dog Records 1997)

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Letter From Dick Dale:

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