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You are filming in very remote locations. Where has your filming taken you?
I've been all around the world, from the Galapagos Islands, to the inner city of Moscow, to the outback in Australia. I'm frequently filming in the backcountry around my home in southwest Colorado.

Tell us about your recent project to the Galapagos?
I was sent by OARS to document their Galapagos Explorer trip. We spent time hiking the islands, snorkling with sharks turtles and seals and sailing around the young islands.

When traveling how important is it to have storage that is protected from the elements?
It is critical for my storage to be as protected as possible. When shooting in challenging environments you do your best to protect all your gear, but you don't have a studio to go back to, sometimes media management happens in humid, rainy, hot, cold, windy or dusty environments.

The Tuff offers 2TB capacity. Is it important to have a large amount of storage capacity on-the-road?
Its not just important, its critical. Shooting a 4K workflow fills drives up fast, having 2TB to work with saves me from having to fill my camera backpack with drives.

Is it critical to back-up files when working on-the-road?
Every night, having two copies of every shot is a must. In our digital world, its so easy to lose files so backup is totally necessary. You will never get the opportunity to reshoot many of the places I get to go!

The Tuff is bus-powered, meaning it does not need external power to charge. Is that important when choosing an external drive for your travels?
This is another non-negotiable feature I need in field backup. Liberated from the power outlet, I can media manage in the backcountry, or on any schedule in the front country.

Does the Tuff’s waterproof, dust proof and drop protection give you piece-of-mind?
They give me tremendous piece of mind. Protecting the data is paramount and I'll take every bit of extra protection I can get! You don't get re-do's in this business!

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