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Cody Foltz
Left Digital Media

I started Left Digital Media in 2010 just shortly after graduating with my masters in Entertainment Business. People often ask me why I chose to stay in Florida when I grew up just outside of Los Angeles, CA. My response to that is “it’s not about where you are located, it’s about the quality and passion that you put out to the world as a creative individual.” Florida just seemed like the perfect place to start a career and I’ve been fortunate enough to meet many influential industry people that have helped to propel my success.

My primary passion is working as an editor, I have worked part time at EPSN Wide World of Sports (Orlando) editing sports packages and segments which would be displayed around the park. While working at ESPN, I was also in the midst of getting my company off the ground and have been working alongside writer/director Rodney Luis Aquino of Goin’ Ballistic since day one. With his creative vision coupled with my technical abilities, we are able to collaborate and bring whole projects together from beginning to end.

Left Digital Media together with Goin’ Ballistic has done various commercials as well as televised work for clients such as Speed Channel, GoTrusted and BMW. I have edited two feature length films ‘Dead By Friday’ (Ironbound Pictures) and

‘The Breaking Point’ (1st Dibz Productions) which is currently in post production.

I’ve always been impressed with CalDigit products ever since I began listening to The Digital Production Buzz back in 2006, so when I decided to start my own company, I knew I needed reliable storage and a reliable company that would stand behind their product. It was an obvious choice to choose CalDigit and implement your products which have been working non stop ever since. At Left Digital Media we have an HDPro2 and a VR2, both products have been the workhorse of my company’s post production workflow. I can’t say enough about the ease of use and the speed of the HDPRO2. Being able to combine that with the connectivity and portability of the VR2 allows us to work effectively and efficiently both on set and in the edit bay.

Most recently we completed several short films including an award winning 48 hour film project filmed locally here in Orlando. Without the reliability and speed of our HDPro2 and VR2, it would have been nearly impossible for us to complete our short film in under 48 hours. We tend to work extensively with Red r3d 4k material and it takes a good amount of computing power and fast drives to process and work with that footage. The VR2 is great for on set dailies and DIT work, then when it’s time to focus on the creative aspects of editorial and color grading, the HDPro2 takes over all the heavy lifting.

So what’s next for Left Digital Media? We are in the early development phase of putting together our first feature length in house project where we plan to invest in additional CalDigit gear to streamline our filmmaking process. You can find out more information at www.leftdigitalmedia.com

Location: Orlando, FL
Website: www.leftdigitalmedia.com

Mac Pro
Adobe Creative Cloud
Final Cut Studio

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