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CMPC production studio
CMPC production studio
Taipei, Taiwan
One Production, 3 Dots Entertainment, Ocean Deep Films, Leader Asia Pacific Creativity Center (LAPCC)

Testimonials - CMPC production studio

CMPC production studio

With over fifty years of experience, CMPC production studio continues to pursue ever-higher technical quality and audiovisual effects, breaking new ground for entirely digital productions. CMPC not only brings together the best talent in the country, but they also possess the most advanced feature film, television commercial, documentary capabilities, and a complete post-production center as well. Today, many internationally renowned film directors, such as Ang Lee and Ming-Liang Tsai, have begun their career at CMPC. From The Wedding Banquet, Eat Drink Man Woman to the recent Winds of September and the Orz Boyz, these world-wide award winning festival films broght CMPC production studio to the center of the production world.

Letter From CMPC production studio:
"Before using the CalDigit HDOne, we had a lot of dropped frame issues on our Avid system. Thanks to Hitron Technologies, who brought us a storage system with high performance, large capacity, and fully protection. The CalDigit HDOne not only has advanced technology, but is also quiet, which's suitable for our editing facilities. Surprisingly, the 8-bay, CalDigit HDOne can also work for 1:1 uncompressed editing, and provides sustained throughput when running HD quality."

CMPC is now working on Dancing with 37 Arts, a documentary about the best dancers Taiwan has ever produced. The documentary was shot using a HDV camera, and will be shown in theaters nationwide. Besides the Dolby recording, color grading, and optical sound transferring, the CalDigit HDOne took care of all the post production storage. Currently, some of CMPC's editing is still done on their old Avid system. In the near future, CMPC is planning to transition all editing and other post production to the newer Avid Media Composer 3. This means all of CMPC's post production will be using CalDigit's 12TB HDOne.

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