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PolarArt Productions
Independent Filmmaker
Arthur Smith
Location: Katovik, AK
National Geographic Films, National Geographic Explorer, Discovery Channel, Indus Films, Pangloss Films,Avanbridge Productions,Tigress Productions,and Vanity Fair.

Testimonials - PolarArt Productions.

Arthur Smith (from PolarArt Productions) is an independent filmmaker working on projects with National Geographic Magazine, undertaking the task of filming Polar Bears in Barter Island. As a photographer, Arthur Smith lives in the moment.

"The ability to capture the moment becomes an invisible requisite, the ability to share that moment with the world is the Holy Grail." As a necessity to Arthur Smith's work flow, he uses CalDigit's S2VR HD 2.5TB.

"CalDigit arises in the marketplace as a truly affordable RAID solution offering the capacity to support the uncompressed HD of this intensive stage of my editing."

Letter From Arthur C. Smith III:

From: Arthur Smith III
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 13:38:58 -0800 (PST)
To: Trish
Subject: Polar Bears from Barter Is.

Hello Trish,

The polar bears have been here all winter. I'm shooting every day the light permits. To my knowledge, there is no footage of polar bears in the dead of an arctic winter .... until now.

I've finished the first cut of my film and only just installed and set up the raid, yesterday. Amazing hardware!! Works beautifully. I've set up the protect mode and am still running read and write speeds of nearly 300MB/s. The uncompressed footage flows as smooth as glass.

Hope all went well with Mac expo. The new 444 raid looks really nice. Your designers, on all fronts, are doing a great job. Thanks for being in business.

Best Regards,


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