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CalDigit Thunderbolt™ Station

Interface : Thunderbolt™ & USB 3.0 & Audio In & Audio Out & HDMI Out & Gigabit Ethernet

Notebook computers have become increasingly powerful, delivering performance that rivals traditional desktop workstations. However, they have always been disadvantaged due to the lack of connectivity, often sacrificed for portability. Thanks to the incredible versatility of Thunderbolt™ technology, the CalDigit Thunderbolt™ Station allows users to add multiple interfaces to your current computer with a single Thunderbolt™ connection.

Featured Video - T3 RAID

Max Capacity: 12TB | Max Speed: 850MB/s | Drive Module: SSD or HDD Interface: Dual Thunderbolt™ Ports

The T3 by CalDigit is a triple drive RAID array that offers performance and versatility unrivaled by anything in its class. While priced similarly to dual bay RAID solutions, the extra drive in the T3 adds additional performance with a minimal footprint increase. For applications that require high performance drives, the T3 configured in RAID 0 can deliver up to 500 MB/s when configured with HDDs or 850 MB/s with SSDs. The T3 will do everything a dual drive RAID can and more. Why settle for two, when you can have three?