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USB-C is becoming the most flexible interface available. Not only can it be used for data storage and power, but also for connecting video devices.

For more info on Type-C visit the USB-C Resource Hub 
As laptops are becoming thinner than ever, the ability to connect monitors has become a bigger challenge. The CalDigit USB-C to HDMI adapter solves this problem by providing an easy and affordable way of connecting your computer to a wide variety of HDMI monitors.
   ● USB-C
   ● HDMI
   ● Up to 4K@30HZ
   ● Plug & Play
   ● Mac, PC & Chrome
   ● Thunderbolt™ 3 Compatible
   ● Supports USB Billboard Device Class
   ● Supports HDCP

The ability to connect a VGA monitor is becoming harder as less computers are featuring VGA support. Many users are looking for ways of connecting VGA monitors and projectors to their computers. The CalDigit USB-C to VGA Adapter offers an easy and convenient way of connecting affordable VGA devices to your USB-C computer.

   ● USB-C
   ● VGA
   ● Up to 2048 x 1152 @ 60Hz
   ● Plug & Play
   ● Mac, PC & Chrome
   ● Thunderbolt™ 3 Compatible
   ● Supports USB Billboard Device Class
   ● Supports HDCP


The Type-C connector features a reversible design which means that users do not need to find the right side of the cable in order to plug it in.


CalDigit’s heritage in creating high quality products continues with our USB-C Adapters. Many companies reduce the quality of their USB-C adapters in order to drive down the cost. CalDigit believes in providing the best quality products that will stand the test of time.


Computer with a USB 3.1 Type-C Port,
or a Thunderbolt™ 3 Type-C Port.
Windows 7 or later
Mac OS X 10.8.4 or later
Chrome OS


CalDigit USB-C Video Adapters Cheap 3rd party adapters
PCBA design 6 layer board with an additional grounding layer to reduce noise. Increased EMI protection to decrease “cross-talk” 4 layer board with no grounding protection and no EMI protection.
USB Billboard Device Billboard functionality supported which allows user notifications regarding compatibility, etc. Does not support USB billboard functionality.
EMI -3~4dB +26dB
Cable Meets USB Type-C Certificate. Does not meet specifications resulting in connection issues or bad video quality
HDMI HDMI Compliant Not HDMI Compliant
HDCP HDCP Compliant Not HDCP Compliant
Safety Logos CE/FCC/VCCI/C-Tick No Safety Certifications





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