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What RAID modes does the T3 support.

The T3 supports RAID 0 (Performance) and RAID 1 (Protection).

Does the T3 require any drivers for Mac OS X?

No, the T3 is plug and play. It does not require any drivers for OS X.

Can I set the drives in the T3 as three individual drives?

Yes, the T3 features JBOD mode (Just a Bunch Of Disks). This means that your computer will see three separate drives.

Are the three drive modules in the T3 hot-swappable?

Yes, the T3's drives are hot-swappable. This means that if you are using the T3 in RAID 1 or JBOD mode you do not have to turn off the T3 when ejecting or inserting a drive module.

Do I have to RAID all three drives in the T3?

No. You have the option to either RAID all three drives, or just RAID two of the drives leaving the spare drive as a JBOD drive.

How do I change the RAID settings on the T3?

The RAID settings can be changed through Mac OS X Disk Utility.

How do I know if my T3 is in use?

The LED status lights will flash when the T3 is in use.

If I'm using the T3 in RAID 1 how many backups of my data do I get?

The T3 in RAID 1 will give you three automatic back-ups of your data.

If I use the T3 in RAID 1 how much storage capacity will I get?

The T3 in RAID 1 will give you a third of the storage capacity of the unit, as you will be getting three automatic back-ups of you data. If you prefer you can also RAID just two of the drives and leave a spare drive as a JBOD drive.

If I purchase the HDD version of the T3 can I upgrade to the SSD version in the future?

Yes, the T3's interchangeable drive modules allow you to upgrade your T3 storage.

Can I mix 3.5" HDDs and SSDs in the same T3 unit?

Yes, the T3 allows you to have 2 x 3.5" HDDs and 1 x SSD, or 2 x SSDs and 1 x 3.5" HDD in the unit.

Do the T3's drive modules work with other CalDigit storage devices?

Yes, the T3's drive modules currently work with the CalDigit AV Pro, and they will also work with CalDigit's future storage solutions. In order to use the T3's drive modules in other CalDigit devices the T3 must be in either RAID 1, or JBOD mode.

Does CalDigit sell extra drive modules for the T3?

Yes, we sell extra 3.5" HDDs between 1-4TB, and SSDs from 480GB-960GB. They are protected in a CalDigit Archive Box for safe transportation.

How do I know if one of the drives in the T3 needs replacing?

In the event that one of the HDDs in the T3 needs replacing the front facing LED light for that particular drive will turn red indicating that it needs replacing.

Does CalDigit sell spare parts for the T3?

We sell spare AC power adapters, and drive modules for the T3.

How does the T3 keep the HDDs inside the unit ventilated?

The T3 features a temperature controlled smart fan, and front facing ventilation grill that helps to keep the T3 at a cool operating temperature.

How do I unlock the drive modules on the T3?

The T3 includes a drive key and a pin release key. Use the drive key to unlock the drive module, and then insert the pin release key to eject the drive module handle.

Is the CalDigit T3 bootable?

Yes, you boot from the CalDigit T3 under any RAID settings.

Can I mix different size HDDs and SSDs together?

Yes, you can use three different size drives in the same T3 enclosure, but we do recommend to keep the same capacity drive for RAID 0 and RAID 1.

What's the maximum capacity of the T3?

For HDDs it is 12TB (4TB HDD x 3)
For SSDs it is 2.88TB (960GB SSD x 3)

Can I upgrade my T3 with the different size HDD/SSD, and go back to my old drives?

Yes, you can always upgrade your T3 with the higher capacity T3 interchangeable drive modules. And yes, you can always put your original drives back into the same T3 enclosure.

Is the T3 compatible with the Thunderbolt 2.0 spec?

Yes, it is.

Can I daisy chain another T3 or a different Thunderbolt device with the existing T3?


Can I create a RAID array across multiple T3 units, and what it the maximum amount?

Yes, you can create a RAID with multiple T3, and the maximum output will be capped within the 10Gb.

Can I use my T3 as a Time Machine backup?


How do I restore my T3 drive icon on Mac?

1. Download the T3 icon from http://www.caldigit.com/support.asp
2. Copy the T3 drive icon (command + C).
3. Select your T3 drive on the desktop and click on "Get Info" (command i).
4. Click on the drive image in the top left hand corner of the "Get Info" window.
5. Paste the T3 icon (command + P).
6. Close the "Get Info" window.

When the Mac goes in and out of Sleep Mode does the T3 turn off/on automatically?

Yes. If you put your Mac into Sleep Mode the T3 will automatically turn itself off. Then when you turn the Mac back on from Sleep Mode the T3 will turn back on.

Can I use my own hard disks in T3?

In order to ensure the quality and reliability of our storage devices, CalDigit does not sell unpopulated enclosures. Our products are designed to be used in conjunction with components that have been carefully selected, tested, and approved. Having complete control over the components used enables us to offer the legendary support that CalDigit is known for.

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CalDigit Drive Modules (3.5" HDD) allow you to upgrade and expand the capacity of your T3. They are available in capacities ranging from 2-4TB, and come in a protective Archive box for safe storage.


CalDigit's SSD drive modules allow you to add extra performance to your T3. If you purchased the 3.5" HDD version of the T3, you can easily upgrade to the SSD version and drastically increase the performance of your T3. The SSD Drive Modules are housed in a protective Archive Box.


Thunderbolt cables for the T3 are available in various sizes ranging from 0.5 meters up to 2 meters. Extra Thunderbolt cables are always useful if you intend on daisy-chaining multiple devices together.


Spare AC Power Adapters for the T3 are available in the event that you are ever in need of another one, or if you are moving your T3 to multiple locations.


The CalDigit AV Pro, single drive USB 3.0/Firewire 800 storage solution, is the ideal companion for the CalDigit T3 RAID. The universal drive module system allows users to move data from the T3 to the AV Pro easily and efficiently. Are you backing up media on location, and need an efficient way of getting the files back to post? The T3 and AV Pro are the perfect storage combination for connecting your workflows.

Overview Features Spec Accessories Videos Reviews FAQ Download
Overview Features Spec Accessories Videos Reviews FAQ Download
Interface 2x Thunderbolt ports
Interface transfer rates up to 10GB/s
Capacity HDD- Up to 12TB
SSD- Up to 2.88TB
Dimensions • Height: 4.5 inches (116 mm)
• Width: 5.3 inches (135 mm)
• Depth: 9.5 inches (242 mm)
Weight 6.10LB / 2.76Kg (SSD x3)
9.98LB / 4.53Kg (HDD x3)
RAID Function Supports OS RAID 0,1, and JBOD
Automatic disk failure detection
Hot swappable disks
Fan Specification Size: 80 x 80 x 25mm
Speed: 1500 R.P.M.+/-10%
Airflow: 22.5 CFM (ft3/min)
Noise Level: 17.0 dBA
Power Supply Adapter AC input: 100-240v-2.0A, 50-60Hz
DC output: 12V-7.5A
System Requirements Mac OSX 10.6.8 or later
Windows 7 or later
Computer with Thunderbolt Port
In the Box • 1 x CalDigit T3
• 1 x AC Adapter
• 2 x Keys
• 1 x Manual (Preinstalled)
• 3 x Drive Modules

CalDigit T3 G-RAID Studio (2-bays)* G-RAID Thunderbolt**
Price(12TB) $1199 $1299.95 $N/A
Maximum Available Capacity 12TB 12TB 8TB
Maximum SSD Capacity 2.88TB Not Available Not Available
Maximum Performance HDD: 550MB/s
SSD: 850MB/s
HDD: 360MB/s HDD: 327MB/s
RAID 0,1 & JBOD Yes Yes Yes
Removable Drives Yes Yes No
Individual HDD LED Status Lights Yes No No
Daul Thunderbolt Ports Yes Yes Yes
Aluminum Construction Yes No Yes
Mac & PC Yes Yes Yes
Drive Locks Yes No N/A
Kensington Lock Yes Yes Yes
Front Facing Power Button Yes No No

Use of this product is subject to acceptance of the software license agreements included. Product contains electronic documentation. 1TB (Terabyte) = 1000GB. 1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending upon operating environment (typically 5–10% less).
Burst transfer rates will vary from one computer to another. Depending on the host configuration, average speeds are usually lower. Weight varies by configuration and manufacturing process.

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Intel Thunderbolt
The T3 by CalDigit is a triple drive RAID array that offers performance and versatility unrivaled by anything in its class.

While priced similarly to dual bay RAID solutions, the extra drive in the T3 adds additional performance with a minimal footprint increase. For applications that require high performance drives, the T3 configured in RAID 0 can deliver up to 550 MB/s when configured with HDDs or 850 MB/s with SSDs. The T3 will do everything a dual drive RAID can and more. Why settle for two, when you can have three?

CalDigit has been making professional external storage solutions for over 10 years and we decided to make a new RAID device based on Thunderbolt technology that breaks new ground in performance. The CalDigit T3 is that product. Built from the ground up with the professional user in mind and utilizing only the best possible components, the T3 sets a new standard for external RAID storage.
Overview Features Spec Accessories Videos Reviews FAQ Download

When we designed the T3 we wanted to bring a product to market that no one else is making. The T3′s three bay design gives the device not only extra storage space, but also increased performance. Traditional 2-bay RAID storage cannot compete with the T3′s transfer speeds and extra 4TB of storage capacity. If the T3′s size is compared with 4 and 6-bay Thunderbolt RAID storage, it has a significantly smaller form factor whilst at the same time maintaining incredible performance.


One of the standout features of the T3 is its unrivaled versatility. The T3 accepts both 2.5” SSDs (Solid State Drives) and 3.5″ HDDs. SSDs give faster performance, whereas 3.5″ HDDs allow for higher storage capacities. With three 3.5″ HDDs installed, the T3 reaches storage capacities up to 12TB. Traditional 2-bay RAID devices max out at 8TB. The T3′s extra drive bay allows users 4TBs of added storage space.

With three 2.5″ SSDs installed, the T3 will be available in storage capacities up to 2.88TB. That is outstanding storage space for solid state drives. This means that the T3 combines great performance with almost 3TB of SSD storage space for your files.


Many 2-bay RAID devices on the market are either a RAID 0 or a RAID 1 device. The T3 gives users the ability to set the device to RAID 0, RAID 1, and JBOD mode. RAID 0 is used for performance. RAID 1 is used for protection. If the T3 is set to RAID 1 it gives users three automatic back-ups of their data. 2-bay RAID 1 devices only give users two back-ups.


Building on the concept of the T3′s versatility, the device can actually be set to a RAID and JBOD mode in the same unit. Having the extra drive bay allows users to set two drive bays to either a RAID 0 or RAID 1, and then have the extra drive bay as a spare JBOD drive. This is something no other professional RAID 0/1 & JBOD device offers.


For professional users, one of the most important parts of an external storage device is that performance meets their demands, especially a Thunderbolt drive. The T3 not only matches any RAID device in its class, it also surpasses it.
The T3 with 3 x SSDs installed reaches read speeds of 850MB/s, and write speeds of 800MB/s. The T3 with 3 x 3.5″ HDDs installed achieves read speeds of 550MB/s, and write speeds of 500MB/s.

To put that into context traditional 2-bay RAID 0 devices can reach speeds of around 300MB/s. 4-bay RAID devices can achieve speeds of around 500MB/s, and 6-bay RAID devices around 800MB/s. As you can see the T3′s 850MB/s can surpass even 6-bay RAID devices in a smaller more compact form-factor! Even with 3.5″ HDDs installed the T3 outperforms 4-bay RAID devices.


When a RAID device is configured into a RAID 1, it traditionally reduces the speed of the drive because it will mirror the data onto all of the drives. However, the T3 with SSDs can actually keep relatively the same read speeds when configured into a RAID 1. This means that users will get the same read performance, and three automatic back-ups of their data. Traditional 2-bay RAID 1 devices tend to have speeds of around 190MB/s. The T3 in RAID 1 with SSDs can reach read speeds of 820MB/s. That’s over four times the read speed over traditional 2-bay RAIDs!

These days people are working with high-res 4K footage and need an external storage device to match the performance demands of 4K workflows. The T3′s incredible performance can more than match the steep demands of 4K video. The 12TB version of the T3 can store up to 20 hours of 4K ProRes (2160) 4444 footage!

Be sure to check out this user testimonial on the AJA website where the CalDigit T3 was used alongside the AJA KiPro Quad to simultaneously back-up 4K video files from the Pak media SSDs to the T3 whilst at the same time recording footage directly onto the T3. For more info click here.


The T3 features dual Thunderbolt ports so that users can daisy-chain up to six Thunderbolt devices to one computer. If six T3 units are daisy-chained together it would give users up to 72TB of storage capacity!


The T3 features three removable drive modules. CalDigit’s products have always featured removable drive modules for expanding storage capacities.

Ever since CalDigit released the CalDigit AV Pro, our single drive storage solution, all of our drive modules are now universal.

The T3′s drive modules will work with the AV Pro and all of CalDigit’s future storage solutions. If the T3 is used in RAID 1 or JBOD mode, users can eject one of the HDDs and place it into the AV Pro in order to access the data. This is a great solution if the T3's files need to be accessed in another location.

CalDigit also provide extra drive modules that are housed in a protective archive box. The 3.5" HDDs are available in capacities up to 4TB. The SSDs are available in capacities up to 960GB.

It seems simple, but the T3′s LED status lights give users an instant status indication for each of the HDDs inside the unit. They flash when they are in use. Many RAID devices on the market only feature a power light. If a user was ever to experience any issues with one of those RAID devices, they would have no idea which drive was the problem.


One of the most overlooked aspects of external storage devices is maintaining a cool operating temperature inside the unit. The T3 features a smart fan in combination with the aluminum design, and front ventilation grill that help with heat dissipation. If the T3 will be used for long periods of time, the device will be kept at the right temperature.


The internal components used in the T3 really set it apart from other external storage solutions. Video: CalDigit T3 Quality Assurance