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"If you want to do uncompressed HD, for a fraction of the price of an Apple Xserve RAID, or other hi end SCSI or Fibre Channel drive arrays, THIS IS YOUR BOX.'' Read More...

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NAB 2007
NAB 2007
April 16 - 19 2007
Las Vegas, Nevada USA
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See CalDigit's products at Matrox, Blackmagic Design and Panasonic booths during NAB2007.

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  •  S2VR HD - (* Discontinued)               Compatible with Mac Pro, G5 and PC

    The S2VR HD features high speed SATA 3Gb/s interface capable of over 230 MB/s to support 10 bit HD capture and playback. The S2VR HD has 5 removable hard drive trays and can be configured for Performance, Protected, and JBOD.

    S2VR HD - 5-Bay SATA RAID for HD editing

    S2VR HD Real Time Video Playback Supported
    10 bit Uncompressed HD 1080/60i YES
    8 bit Uncompressed HD 1080/60i YES
    10 bit Uncompressed SD YES
    8 bit Uncompressed SD Yes
    HDV Yes
    DV Yes


    Dimension: 10.37" L X 5.91" W X 9.16" H (263.29mm L X 150mm W X 232.50mm H)
    Net Weight: 20.45lb (9.28 kg)
    Power Supply Specification: Input 100-240V auto switch, 47-63 Hz, 4-2A, Output 200W
    Operating Temperature: 5~40 degrees Celsius

      Support Uncompressed 10 bit HD

    8-bit HD S2VR HD utilizes 5 SATA drives for maximum performance to serve 10 bit uncompressed HD formats.

      3Gb/s Bandwidth, Cost Only 50% of Fibre Channel Solutions.

    At 230 MB/s, editors can easily handle 10 bit uncompressed HD footage without waiting for rendering or spending money on expensive SCSI or Fibre Channel solution. A Fibre Channel solution requires an expensive RAID storage box, SAN management software, a Fiber Channel switch, and Fibre Channel HBA. The initial investment will be over $10,000. SATA 3Gb/s is the most affordable alternative solution for editors and studios that do no require sharing the same content in the same storage pool but need high performance and data integrity.

    S2VR VS Fibre-Channel & SCSI

      Reliability and Protection

    In protected mode, the S2VR HD provides continuous full time protection of your valuable digital content. If a hard drive should fail, the S2VR HD will automatically rebuild your content in a very short period of time.

    S2VR RAID Protection

      Flexible RAID Configuration

    The S2VR HD offers ease and flexibility in the RAID Configuration. Performance, Protected, or JBOD can be configured with only a few clicks.


      E-Mail Notification and Password Protection

    The S2VR monitors system status with E-mail notification of fan failure, drive failure or if the temperature exceeds normal limits. This management tool offers password protection to prevent unauthorized modifications of your settings.

    S2VR GUI

      Mac and Windows

    S2VR HD is compatible with Windows, Apple Mac Pro and G5 computers with impressive performance and protection at an attractive price.

    MAC. Windows, eSATA, PCI-e, PCI-x

      Latest SATA 3Gb/s Technology

    S2VR HD features the latest SATA 3Gb/s technology for ultra high data transfer rates to support multi-stream video playback with real time effects.

    SATA 3Gb/s


    SuperLane is a simplified cabling design that allows multiple drives to be connected to SATA controller via one SATA port. Helping you better manage the cabling behind S2VR. Port Multiplier

      Hot Plug Perfect for
      Sneaker Networking

    Physical transport of your data between workstations is easily accomplished. Simply turn-off the S2VR, remove the eSATA cable from your computer, go to the new location, plug in the cable and turn the S2VR back on. This can be done without turning-off or rebooting your operating system.

      Frees up FireWire Ports
      Perfect for Video Professional

    In most PC's or Mac's, without the addition of a PCI or PCIMCA card, the FireWire ports share the same bus and split the bandwidth between all connected peripherals. The S2VR utilizes the SATA 3Gb/s port on the FASTA adapter freeing up the FireWire ports allowing connection of other peripherals such as the AJA Io LA, LD, DV Camcorders, etc to have the full bandwidth.

    For video professionals

      Modular Design

    The S2VR's drives, fan and power supply are designed to be swappable. Our modular design allows the fan and drives, which can potentially fail, to be easily and quickly hot swapped reducing downtime on time-critical projects.

    S2VR Modular Design

      Comes with HBA, NO hidden costs!

    Package includes Caldigit's latest SATA 3Gb/s PCI-e or PCI-x HBA (FASTA-4x or FASTA-4e) and eSATA cable to complete a total RAID solution. Unlike SCSI or Fibre Channel, you don't have to purchase an expensive HBA separately. Because both S2VR and interface card are designed by CalDigit, we offer single vendor support to eliminate compatibility issues. No other accessories needed, everything you need is in one package.

    FASTA-4e, FASTA-4x SATA card

      Single Vendor Support

    The S2VR, FASTA adapter card, RAID utility were all designed and developed by CalDigit. Technical support for these products can be done with a single call.

    Single Vendor -

    Product Comparison
    Product S2VR HD G-RAID Pro*
    Interface SATA 3Gb/s FireWire 800
    Max Interface Bandwidth 3,000Mb/s 800Mb/s
    Hardware RAID Yes Yes
    RAID Type Performance, Protected, JBOD 0, 1, 3
    Max Read Performance 230 MB/s 76 MB/s
    10 bit HD 1080/60i Playback Yes No
    10 bit SD video Playback 4 2
    8 bit SD video Playback 6 3
    Modular Design Yes Yes
    Temperature and Power Warning Yes No
    Password Protection Yes No
    Email Notification Yes Yes
    Voice Notification Yes No
    SuperLane Yes No
    HBA Included Yes No
    Warranty 3 Year 2 Year
    *G-RAID Pro is a trademark or registered trademark of G-Technology Inc.
    *Comparisons were based on manufacturers product specifications, May 2006.

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