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How do I use Time Machine with my AV Drive?
First Published: 8/19/2010       Last Modified: 8/19/2010      Last Modified by: AC   
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Products Affected:   AV Drive & AV Pro

1. Make sure the AV Drive is formatted as Mac OS X Extended (Journaled) or Mac OS X
Extended. For more information on how to do this, please refer to the FAQ: How do I reformat
my AV Drive?
For more information about Apple Time Machine, please refer Apple website:

2. If you have reinitialized the drive, you should see a dialog box that asks you whether or
not you would like to use the AV Drive as a backup disk. Select "Use As Backup Disk". If
your drive is already in the correct format, open Time Machine from Apple Menu > System
Preferences and select the AV Drive as your backup disk.
2a. Make sure the Time Machine is turned on.

3. The AV Drive is now set up as your backup disk for Time Machine. To change the settings,
click "Options".