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What is the CalDigit Drive Assistant and how do I use it?
First Published: 8/19/2010       Last Modified: 8/19/2010      Last Modified by: AC   
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Products Affected:   AV Drive & AV Pro

The CalDigit Drive Assistant is a specially designed software to help you set up your AV Drive.
The Drive Assistant determines which OS your computer is using, and helps you install the
correct software to run your AV Drive. The AV Drive Assistant also comes bundled with Carbon
Copy Cloning software, RAIDTool software and the AV Drive manual.

To use the AV Drive Assistant, simply connect your AV Drive to the computer and turn it on.
The AV Drive Assistant should appear on your desktop. Double click on the AV Drive Assistant
icon and follow the instructions. In just a few steps, the process should be complete and the AV
Drive is ready for use.

*The picture above is an example of the CalDigit Drive Assistant on Mac OS X.