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S2VR Manager shows "No connection to RAID system or connection error, please try again!", what should I do?
First Published: 1/4/2010       Last Modified: 1/4/2010      Last Modified by: LL   
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S2VR Manager says: "No connection to RAID system or connection error, please try again!" but all my S2VR devices work fine.

Products Affected:   S2VR HD, S2VR Duo

It is possible that S2VR Daemon did not launch in the background or cannot communicate with S2VR Manager due to some network issue or permission conflict.

Please check all the hardware setting and installation first. For example, please make sure the FASTA card is installed properly (with the latest driver) and S2VR unit is up and running and connecting to your FASTA card.

If all the hardware and drivers are installed correctly, please try to launch S2VR Manager's daemon manually:

1. Open Terminal and type in the following command:

sudo ps -acx | grep S2VR
Enter the password and hit enter.

You then will see the result like this

caldigits-Mac-Pro-leslie:~ caldigit$ sudo ps -acx | grep S2VR
289 ?? 0:07.15 S2VRManager
1086 ?? 0:00.57 S2VRDaemon

2. If you do not see S2VRDaemon, then we have problem, otherwise, please kill the S2VRDaemon by typing:

sudo kill 1086 then hit enter.

The 1086 is the process id, you may have different process id.

3. Next we will need to manually launch the daemon -

sudo /Applications/Utilities/CalDigitS2VR/S2VRDaemon -e >& /Applications/Utilities/CalDigitS2VR/daemon.log &

and hit enter, it then should return a new process id back like this -

[1] 1099

If it returns an error message saying that the daemon.log file cannot be accessed, like this
caldigits-Mac-Pro-leslie:~ caldigit$ -bash: /Applications/Utilities/CalDigitS2VR/daemon.log:
Permission denied
You need to go to Finder and delete the daemon.log located in your CalDigitS2VR folder in Utilities folder then try to launch the daemon again.

4. Go to S2VR Manager and try again.

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