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After installing the CalDigit driver, I am encountering a Kernel Panic when I boot up my Mac OS, what should I do?
First Published: 10/13/2009       Last Modified: 10/13/2009      Last Modified by: LL   
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After installing the CalDigit driver, you are required to restart your OS. While the OS is starting up, it will load the kext file to the Kernel and communicate with devices. If you see a Kernel Panic during this time, it could be a corrupted file system or kext file.

Products Affected:   HDPro & HDPro2, HDOne, CalDigit RAID Card, HDElement, S2VR HD, S2VR Duo, FASTA-4e, FASTA-4x, FASTA-2e, FASTA-1ex

Please try the following solutions:

1. Repair the permission on OS drive.

2. Use a 3rd party software like Disk Warrior to fix the directory issue on your OS drive.

3. Manually transfer kext file to your OS drive. Please contact CalDigit Support for more information.

Keywords : Kext, kernel panic, FASTA-2e, FASTA-4e