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OS X crashed or had a kernel panic while using CalDigit storage products, what do I do?
First Published: 1/15/2009       Last Modified: 1/15/2009      Last Modified by: FL   
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Products Affected:   HDPro & HDPro2, HDOne, CalDigit RAID Card, HDElement, CalDigit VR & mini, FireWire VR, S2VR HD, S2VR Duo, FASTA-4e, FASTA-4x, FASTA-2e, FASTA-1ex

If you experience a system crash or kernel panic, make sure to run Disk Warrior immediately afterwards to fix any directory corruption that might have occurred on the file system. This is a directory issue that is caused by the OS and has nothing to do with the CalDigit RAID device. All data is still on the RAID, only the file system cannot read the directory to retrieve the data. It is also a good idea to run Disk Warrior periodically if you experience frequent system crashes.

Keywords : system crash, directory, file system