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USB 3.0 driver not working on Mac OSX
First Published: 7/13/2012       Last Modified: 10/25/2012      Last Modified by: LL   
Article ID:124

Products Affected:   AV Drive & AV Pro, FASTA-6GU3

Please check the USB section

- About this Mac > More info > System Report > Hardware > USB > Under "SuperSpeed" section

If it's running the CalDigit driver, it should be "caldigitxhci"

If it's running other third party driver, it would be something else (for example: like "PHXCD", "MHXCD" or "SHXCD"). In this case, please remove the third party driver first, then install our driver again.
- To uninstall the 3rd party driver, please contact the manufacture of their driver uninstaller.