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After installing the USB3.0 driver, I cannot use any of my USB devices including mouse and keyboard on my Mac OSX machine.
First Published: 1/18/2011       Last Modified: 1/18/2011      Last Modified by: FL   
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Products Affected:   AV Drive & AV Pro

If you are running into such problem after the installation of our USB3.0 driver, you should try the following solutions:

1. Please do not attempt any other manufacture's USB3.0 driver with our USB3.0 card. Also, please do not attempt to install our USB3.0 driver with other manufacture's USB3.0 card.
- If you did install the driver from another manufacture, please remove their driver before the installation.

2. Remove our USB3.0 card from the system.
- You should detach any unnecessary USB devices (such as: USB storage devices, printers etc..)
- Only USB Keyboard and Mouse should remain connected.
- Restart you computer

3. If the above solution does not work, please follow these steps:
- Prepare an external boot-able drive (a USB or Firewire device).
- Please make sure there's a running copy of the OSX on this drive. (Meaning: you can boot from this external drive)
- Power ON your machine, and hold down the "Option" key.
- Select the external drive as your Boot drive.
- Once the computer is running from the external drive, you should be able to see the internal OSX drive on the desktop as well.
- Download your current OSX's Combo update for the internal OSX drive (For example: if the internal OSX drive is currently running OSX 10.6.5, then please download the OSX 10.6.5 combo update)
- Run the Combo update, but change the install destination to the internal OSX Drive.
- Let the installation complete, then restart the computer and select your internal OSX drive as boot drive.
- Finished.

If you are still having problem, please contact us.

Additional Information:
OSX 10.5.8 combo update
OSX 10.6.5 combo update
OSX 10.6.6 combo update-

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